Sophisticated Loc's Yelp Reviews, The Clients Have Spoken!

Sophisticated Loc's Yelp Reviews...
Cat B.
Mount Vernon N.Y.

I decided to take my 10 year old daughter to see Shaquora at Sophisticated Loc's after being sold by her blog and Ad on Craigslist. Not only is she extremely friendly and hospitable but she has a vast knowledge on natural hair and techniques used. She made my daughter feel very comfortable and her hair came out absolutely stunning. My daughter also mention how therapeutic her herbal shampoo and conditioning felt as she was getting it done. Shaquora  told me what to do in between visits and also provided me with a list of natural products to buy and mix  to use on her hair.

I am very satisfied that I chose Shaquora to take my daughter's hair through its natural locs journey and was even more please of the smile and boost she put on my daughter's face.
SN: While I was in her salon, I notice some very Unique Craft Dolls on display on her walls and was shocked when I asked her about them, she told me she made them by hand. I have never seen dolls like those before, they are very TRUE feminine in nature as far as body type and poise, not to mention very afrocentric. Truly Captivating!

Naya O.
Brooklyn N.Y.

I was recommended to come here by a friend and I must say I was very pleased.  I have long natural hair and Fajr detangled my hair very easily and gently. They used great products and gave me a beautiful twistout.  I would definitely got back, they are very skilled with loose natural hair and with locs, and they won't break your pockets!            

                                                                         Mellissa M.
                                                                         Baldwin N.Y.

I scheduled appointments for my two daughters to have their hair done in two stranded twisted.  Ms. Shaquora was very pleasant.  She said she would take care of my girls.  She styled their according to what they requested.  I loved it.  She was very thorough.  I then took the leap and scheduled her to groom my locs.  Again very pleasant experience.  I must admit my hair was a mess.  I like hair to be full and when my locs are groomed I look bald.  She went to work to getting my head together for the start of school.  Thank you.  I plan to schedule my daughters' appointment soon, picture day is coming soon.
Lady H.
Charlotte NC.

this is the best place to be if you want your dreads to look fresh and clean. The experience within it self is just so relaxing and amazing. You won't forget it! Ever!

Danielle S.
Chicago Illinois

ECSTATIC!!  After searching for a salon, I've finally found the ONE!  Great customer service!  Fajr was extra careful with my fine locs.  She combined one, and it's totally undetectable!  This is a small starter salon, but will soon be HUGE in Brooklyn!  If "I" love this place, there is something to be loved!


Stephanie G.
Charlotte NC.

I met Shaquora when I signed up to take a "natural hair care class." I had recently relocated and was not familiar with any natural hair care salons in the area and I was in desperate need to find a place that did locs. It was my intention in taking the class to learn how to care for my locs myself but thank goodness I found Shaquora!! As soon as the class was over I called to make an appointment for a consultation. My locs at the time were approximately 2 1/2 years old and since I had started them with a different locking technique they were very thin and I had alot of locs.

Shaquora explained to me how she could combine my locs to make them more manageable & not as fragile.  The technique worked and my locs are beautiful. Shaquora is an excellent natural hair specialist and I was very satisfied that she only uses natural products which enhances your natural hair no matter if you have locs or any other type of natural hair. The best part of my salon appointments were the steam treatments which made my locs healthier and beautiful....oooohh how I miss those steam treatments!!

She is a beautiful person and a awesome loctician - really miss her - Brooklyn you are so lucky to have her back!!

Latavia S.
Brooklyn N.Y.

I was thinking about hairstyles for my wedding in the up coming month. I was tired of putting chemicals in my hair so I was looking at lace wigs and braided styles. Most of the things I do in my life, I try to make it symbolize something. Life Is Good. What is the best way to show it for me is locing my hair. I was so excited about the idea. I started searching for a loctician on the web and found Shaquora. She is located not to far from where I live. Which was great because I hate to travel just to sit up in a salon all day.

I called Shaquora and she was able to give me a consultation that same day. The experience started of great. Shaquora made me feel very comfortable and gave me a lot of options. And being that it was a decision I made in the moment ( I thought about it Sun and I was making an appointment for that Wed). Shaquora thought it was best that I started off with kinky twists. It was great cause I was asking her about loc extensions, which it would've been very pricey. Shaquora was very knowledgeable and answered all of my many questions I had about caring for my new look. Shaquora"s work with my hair was excellent.

                I left her salon very pleased and looking FABULOUS. Shaquora You are Awesome.

Ashley W.
Brooklyn N.Y.

I am new to the city and was looking for someone to take care of my hair just as my stylist did back home. I found this salon in the area, called the same day and Shaquora was able to fit me into her schedule. She explained how I needed to take care of my hair and recommended products  (since I recently transitioned to all natural hair), and have been wearing a combination of Afro twist outs and braids. I was very pleased with the outcome, a braided Mohawk with an Afro twist out.
Also, she was very quick, and that is sooo appreciated when it comes to hair salons.

Yachika M.
Charlotte NC.
I had been thinking about locing my hair for some time when I discovered a flyer for Shaquora. I called her and made an appointment to come in for consultation. She took the time to explain the process to me and after wearing weave and wigs I wanted a totally different look for myself. Shaquora took the time to nurture my hair and my locs being to florish.She is a great loctician and person! I did cut my locs off and now I'm thinking I want them again but she is in Brooklyn now. I think I may need to make a road trip!

Asia M.
Charlotte NC.

Thanks to Shaquora for starting my locs which I have had for six years now! My hair was damaged and I was tired of the perms, weaves and wigs. I was referred to Shaquora by my cousin who at the time had locs and they were gorgeous. I initially was hesitant still about locking my hair so I would let her two-strand twist my hair. After a couple of months I decided that I was ready to transition into locs. She was my loctitian for a year or so and I received compliments on my hair continuously. If Shaquora was still in the city of Charlotte, I would still be going to her!

She is educated, experienced, and masters her craft very well! I recommend Shaquora to anyone who wants to transition into natural hair styles or someone who is looking for a skilled loctitian!

Shaniqua M.
Raleigh NC.

I've been going to Shaquora for 6-7 years now for afro kinky twist and she is definitely a great treasure. She is very personable and makes you feel comfortable, and she is very skilled in her craft.  Whenever I get this style I know that compliments are soon to follow, along with questions about where did I get my hair done and who did it.  She truly cares about client satisfaction, even touching base a few weeks after my appointment to see if I was still happy with my hair or if I had any questions.  I am a client for life!

Gwendolyn B.
Brooklyn N.Y.
After wearing a hair weave for close to 32 years, I made the decision to give my hair a long overdue break, and go natural. I decided to commit to the beauty of Locs. Being temporarily limited in mobility (broken knee), I had to to find a local all natural hair salon that was easily accessible, based on my needs. In receipt of an advertisement flyer for Sophisticated Locs Natural Hair & Art Salon located in the Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, NY, I was able to get an appointment that very same day, as well as a discount special for beginner Locs.

  Upon arrival, I was greeted with attentive care and concern for my limited mobility. The loctician(s) were able to remove the weave I had in my hair for a reasonable fee in addition to the the cost of beginner Locs; All for a very reasonable price. In the process of having my hair done, Shaquora (loctician) explained the necessary steps taken in the process of locking the hair. I felt at ease with the whole process from begining to end.

   I, as well as my family, when seeing my hair, was very pleased with the results. I love my beginner Locs.

  They are short and sweet. And for a woman in her late fourty's, I have to say " Im bringing sexy back"!

Starter Loc's The Sophisticated Way!

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We specialize in Asymetrical
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Loc's Need Maintenance?

As I walk through Brooklyn, I see more and more of my people in Loc's. Loc's that are cascading down their backs or wrapped up in an elegant updo. And how proud my people are to be natural with their Loc's. 

The decision to grow Loc's is a personal one that comes with a responsibility. You must also ask yourself, What type of Loc's will I have?  Where will I go to get them done right and how do I know if they are professional?
We at Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair And Art Salon can consult with you and walk you through the process. We have studied Loc's for the past 25 years and have seen and done  them all. 

Let me begin by saying that, Loc's NEED maintenance, and the type of Loc' that YOU will have will depend on the anatomy your hair texture and the type of maintence Plan that YOU recieve!

Dont Just pray for Healthy Beautiful Loc's, Grow a head of Beautiful Healthy Loc's with the help of knowledgable Locticians.

You will recieve a thorough cleansing herbal shampoo and conditioning along with a scalp massage with scented shea butters, essential oil's and  pomades.

 The shape and size of your Loc's are determined  for starter Loc's by using a Two Strand Twist method or a single coil method.

We at Sophisticated Loc's are best known for our Asymetrical parting and we also use a brick formation for Loc's to determine the  best shape and size for you!

We maintain Loc's for the entire family and roll each Loc from root to tip! We recommend grooming Loc's once every four to six weeks for the best out come.

 Begin a truly REWARDING journey by Locing your hair. Enjoy each minute as your natural Loc's are maintained. From year to year see your Loc's extend far longer than you  ever imagined! The benefit of growing Beautiful Loc's is that it requires very  Low maintenance, and there are many style option's such as, curls and updo's, crimping and fishtail's braids, just to name a few!

We  specialize in Loc extension's as an alternative and are known for our elegant creative updo's and styles! Contact Shaquora and Fajr at Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair And Art Salon for a FREE consultation and have your Loc's groomed today!

Call us at 347-569-1413

 Our work is professional
affordable and by appointment only!


Tip's For Growing Beautiful Healthy Dreadlocks!

 Remember to have YOUR dreadlocks shampoo'd
 and conditioned and rolled
from Root to Tip every 30 to 45 days
for the best results!

Oil YOUR dreadlocks at least twice a week to avoid
 YOUR Loc's and scalp
 from becoming dry.

NEVER use 100% beeswax on YOUR dreadlocks
to avoid clogging YOUR hair Loc's and scalp.

Avoid excessive twisting of YOUR dreadlocks to prevent
Loc's from becoming thin and weak.

A healthy head of Loc's will have
 up to 140 Loc's or less,
More than this could result in
thinning, breakage and damaged Loc's

Beginner dreadlocks could take from 4 months
to a full year depending on YOUR 
hair texture and Loc maintenance plan.

Avoid products that have alcohol
in them to prevent hair
and Loc's from drying out
and becoming damaged!

If YOUR dreadlocks ARE damaged,
consult with a professional
Loctician for repair services before
cutting them off.

Look for products that are known
for their herbal content. Herbal products are best
absorbed by natural hair and will aid in
YOUR Loc's growing
healthy and beautiful.

There are many style options
for Loc's such as crimping, curling,
beading and updo's.

Consult with professional Locticians,
about Quality dreadlocks services
and styling options.......

These Tips are designed
to help in understanding what steps
are nessesary for obtaining
healthy beautiful

For Quality Dreadlocks Services

Shaquora R' Bey and Fajr Wali 
are considered to be THE Best
proficient and affordable
Dreadlocks Stylists in Brooklyn! 

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