Tip's For Growing Beautiful Healthy Dreadlocks!

 Remember to have YOUR dreadlocks shampoo'd
 and conditioned and rolled
from Root to Tip every 30 to 45 days
for the best results!

Oil YOUR dreadlocks at least twice a week to avoid
 YOUR Loc's and scalp
 from becoming dry.

NEVER use 100% beeswax on YOUR dreadlocks
to avoid clogging YOUR hair Loc's and scalp.

Avoid excessive twisting of YOUR dreadlocks to prevent
Loc's from becoming thin and weak.

A healthy head of Loc's will have
 up to 140 Loc's or less,
More than this could result in
thinning, breakage and damaged Loc's

Beginner dreadlocks could take from 4 months
to a full year depending on YOUR 
hair texture and Loc maintenance plan.

Avoid products that have alcohol
in them to prevent hair
and Loc's from drying out
and becoming damaged!

If YOUR dreadlocks ARE damaged,
consult with a professional
Loctician for repair services before
cutting them off.

Look for products that are known
for their herbal content. Herbal products are best
absorbed by natural hair and will aid in
YOUR Loc's growing
healthy and beautiful.

There are many style options
for Loc's such as crimping, curling,
beading and updo's.

Consult with professional Locticians,
about Quality dreadlocks services
and styling options.......

These Tips are designed
to help in understanding what steps
are nessesary for obtaining
healthy beautiful

For Quality Dreadlocks Services

Shaquora R' Bey and Fajr Wali 
are considered to be THE Best
proficient and affordable
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