Loc's Need Maintenance?

As I walk through Brooklyn, I see more and more of my people in Loc's. Loc's that are cascading down their backs or wrapped up in an elegant updo. And how proud my people are to be natural with their Loc's. 

The decision to grow Loc's is a personal one that comes with a responsibility. You must also ask yourself, What type of Loc's will I have?  Where will I go to get them done right and how do I know if they are professional?
We at Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair And Art Salon can consult with you and walk you through the process. We have studied Loc's for the past 25 years and have seen and done  them all. 

Let me begin by saying that, Loc's NEED maintenance, and the type of Loc' that YOU will have will depend on the anatomy your hair texture and the type of maintence Plan that YOU recieve!

Dont Just pray for Healthy Beautiful Loc's, Grow a head of Beautiful Healthy Loc's with the help of knowledgable Locticians.

You will recieve a thorough cleansing herbal shampoo and conditioning along with a scalp massage with scented shea butters, essential oil's and  pomades.

 The shape and size of your Loc's are determined  for starter Loc's by using a Two Strand Twist method or a single coil method.

We at Sophisticated Loc's are best known for our Asymetrical parting and we also use a brick formation for Loc's to determine the  best shape and size for you!

We maintain Loc's for the entire family and roll each Loc from root to tip! We recommend grooming Loc's once every four to six weeks for the best out come.

 Begin a truly REWARDING journey by Locing your hair. Enjoy each minute as your natural Loc's are maintained. From year to year see your Loc's extend far longer than you  ever imagined! The benefit of growing Beautiful Loc's is that it requires very  Low maintenance, and there are many style option's such as, curls and updo's, crimping and fishtail's braids, just to name a few!

We  specialize in Loc extension's as an alternative and are known for our elegant creative updo's and styles! Contact Shaquora and Fajr at Sophisticated Loc's Natural Hair And Art Salon for a FREE consultation and have your Loc's groomed today!

Call us at 347-569-1413

 Our work is professional
affordable and by appointment only!

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